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If beer isn't your thing or if you're a lover of all things alcoholic (and non!), we have 10 cider producers and plenty of other non-beer options for you at CBR 19, including wine, gin and other spirits!



Sandford Orchards are craft cider makers from the heart of idyllic, rural Devon. The rich red, fertile soil of mid Devon and the unique micro-climate that comes from being nestled between two moors makes the perfect growing environment for cider apples. They only ever make cider from naturally fermented, freshly pressed apple juice. No concentrates, no artificial flavours or aromas.


SXOLLIE (pronunciation sko-llie) is the worlds first Afro-Vegan cider. Their four ciders are crafted using single varietal fruit from Elgin in South Africa. Using the cold-pressed juice of famed apples such as Granny Smith and Pink Lady, their ciders taste like crunching into the apples. They use only the best ingredients from hand-picked apples to champagne yeast and they make their cider in a winery – so it’s pure.


Born out of a passion for making cider in the best possible way, combined with belief in the quality of Scottish produce, and asking ‘why not?’, came Thistly Cross Cider, Scotland’s award winning farmhouse ciders. Established as a collaboration between farmer, Ian Rennie, and artist-turned-cidermaker, Peter Stuart, in 2008, Thistly Cross has gained a reputation for making ciders that people rave about.


Brother and sister Peter Jervis and Julia Jacksons’ parents have owned The Cider House in Quatt, Shropshire, since 1986. It is one of only 2 original remaining cider houses in the UK. Cider House Special premium cider has been made using their unique recipe specifically created for the Cider House Quatt, using 100% apple juice from British apples. Originally a still cider which has evolved over the years into the semi- sparkling drink we know today.


Whilst our name was inspired by London’s original street hawkers, our mission is right here in the present and the future. The world of cider stands at a crossroads. For too long we’ve allowed ‘big’ cider and tradition to hold back our industry’s growth. That ends here. We are standing up for those who want to break free and make a difference. For our fellow cider makers, whose commitment to innovation will take us forward. For our people, still unlocking and discovering the world of cider. We Are Hawkes. Saviours of Cider.


Westons Cider Mill is a family company, and they have been making authentic cider since 1880. They'll be bringing the following ciders from their range: Stowford Press Mixed Berries, Mortimer’s Orchard English Berry, Rosie’s Pig Flat Tyre (Rhubarb) and Rosie’s Pig Raspberry Roller (Strawberry and Cucumber).


Kentish Pip are fourth generation apple growers based at Woolton Farm in East Kent.  In 2016 the small team set out to break the traditional and mainstream mould and produce the next generation of British cider. Using a wide range of varieties including dessert, culinary, bitter sharp and bitter sweet styles, they craft high quality ciders with a distinctive fresh and fruit driven style.


Crafty Nectar, the UK's 1st cider subscription box, has been created to connect people with ciders that are made in the traditional way: no concentrates, artificial flavourings and gluten free. Every cider is sourced directly from small independent producers - we want to give them a chance to shine, and for their products to get into the hands of the people that will truly appreciate them.


We are a pioneering independent craft cider company, pulping and pressing our apples from selected Somerset cider orchards. We’re passionate about the true taste of cider, which is why we don’t add anything that doesn’t need to be – our cider speaks for itself. Our curiosity compels us to explore the incredible breadth of apple varieties to produce our finest ciders for you to enjoy. Be curious!


Tempted Irish Cider was founded by Davy and Janet Uprichard along with their family in 2009. Tempted Cider is made in Ireland from a blend of the finest Co. Armagh and Co. Tipperary Apples. Their mission is to make the world’s most-loved and enjoyed craft cider.